Wedding & Event Designer

Forget everything

The place? That one you have always imagined, private country state, country house, destination weddings…
Suppliers? We will get the best ones made to measure for you. We suggest and you decide.
Fashion designing? Our personal advising will help you to decide.
We create a personal design for all event details. Our glassware pieces and furniture will look perfect that day, we lend them to you. In Love Lovely are convinced that take care of even the smallest details is essential for a magical wedding.


You have already the location, a few ideas, the photographer … but now the things get complicated and you want a celebration that leaves a mark… A funny photocall, a nice sweet table, a spectacular lighting and, why not? Some surprises.

We take charge of designing your wedding in detail, we give shape to your dreams. From the flower arrangement till the lettering of the minute, everything customized and designed for you.

Happy day

Extra help for D-Day and H-hour. we will not give rise to unexpected events, it will not be necessary that a relative or friend help you. We will guide you, manage the suppliers, timing and everything you might need with the organization this day.
We will handle everything with enthusiasm and passion because every wedding is different and shaping the love stories is our strong point.

We make dreams come true

Patricia, Love Lovely Wedding and Event Designer

Who I am?

I am a joyful girl, dreamer, communicative, passionate, perfectionist, demanding with myself and somewhat headstrong. I love parties or any little excuse to celebrate with those I love. And what about the wedding, that i really love the special magic that surrounds them.

The shoes drive me crazy, I like to gift, decorate everything, Sunday afternoons on the couch, Traveling is one of my passions, I whimper with romantic films and love walking beside the sea.

After ten years working in the marketing world I decided to chase my dreams and train as a wedding planner at the University Camilo Jose Cela.

I understood that passions are the heart trips …

with Love Lovely started mine’s

They talk about us

We are more than weddings

  • Corporate events

    Openings, brand presentations, networking or any other event you need to give a unique point and care for your brand.

  • Parties

    We are passionate about the surprises and inspire hope, especially to the little ones. A brunch, birthday, snack…Ask us!

  • Anniversaries

    Celebrate the passing of time, find excuse to make it special. Let us know what you are thinking about, your imagination is the limit. We will make it come true.

  • Communions

    We like the details and things made with love. In such a special day for them, these cannot be missing. A sweet table, gifts, friends ... It will be a great day!

Custom decoration

We design and decorate every detail in your needed space. Your store window, your living room, bedroom, your office, an activities workshop…  We really love what we do and we can become to your “everything” a space that offers nothing before. We love the challenges, ask us and we will give your different options to suit your budget.

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Do we speak?

If you are reading these lines it is because you are starting to be curious.

If you want to know more about some service, clarify a question, ask about some of blog posts or just you feel like knowing us a little bit more. Don’t be shy, send me an email, phone me or we can even have a coffee to discuss it toghether.

We go wherever you are, we love travelling!